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NHS treatment

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As a registered specialist provider of orthodontic treatment, we are proud to provide an excellent standard of care for those who are referred to us for NHS treatment.


An initial examination under the NHS is only available to patients beneath the age of 18. When the correct stage of dental development has been reached, your own dentist will make an NHS referral. You will then enter the NHS waiting list. Once your name has reached the top of the list we will then contact you to arrange an appointment. If, for clinical reasons, your dentist considers your case to be a priority then they will indicate this on the referral form and we may need to see you sooner.


NHS orthodontic treatment usually involves the wearing of fixed metal braces on the outside surfaces of the teeth. Removable braces and functional braces may also be used.

Following this, retainers are worn to stop the teeth from moving back again.

Less visible braces are available at the practice on a private treatment basis.

Treatment availability

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The NHS has strict guidelines as to the availability of orthodontic treatment and, as such, NHS treatment is only accessible to those patients with the required level of severity of orthodontic need. This means that, although you may be seen for an initial NHS assessment, this does not guarantee that you will then be able to have the braces fitted on the NHS.

In addition, the NHS has an annual limit to the amount of funding made available for orthodontic treatment. Because the number of children who can be treated each year is restricted, this means there is a waiting list for NHS orthodontic care. Waiting lists in Merseyside and Cheshire are held centrally rather than at a practice level. The central referral management hub will advise how you can track the waiting list status online.

Although the majority of children who are referred to us are treated under the NHS, there will always be a number of people who will not qualify for NHS treatment. If this applies to you, we will explain the other options available to you under private care.

Treatment costs

Although NHS orthodontic treatment is free to patients under 18, charges may be applied for replacement of lost or damaged braces or retainers.

Read further information provided by the British Orthodontic Society

Your responsibilities

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We ask that you attend in good time for your appointments and follow our advice carefully as to how to look after your braces and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Please provide as much notice as possible if you cannot attend an appointment.

Unfortunately, the practice cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the teeth by the unsupervised wearing of braces.

Repeated failed or late attendances, excessive damage caused to appliances, or failure to keep up an adequate standard of tooth brushing may result in us having to stop or withhold your treatment.


We welcome your feedback on our services. Should you have any comments on the service we provide, please contact us and speak to the Practice Manager.

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